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Personal Protective Equipment for use by Direct Service Providers

In an effort to assure that all necessary COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) is available to staff as we transition into hybrid learning, Purchasing and Risk Management have been coordinating procurement on behalf of the school sites. Every school should have received an initial supply of the following items to be used by staff outlined in the Hybrid Implementation Guide, Protective Equipment Use by Direct Service Providers.

Initial typical delivery based on the average school size:

Use of the various items should follow the guidance illustrated in the Protective Equipment Use by District Service Providers in the most current Hybrid Implementation Guide. The PPE supplies should be monitored regularly to ensure inventory levels do not fall below 30%. Schools can replenish PPE supplies by completing the reorder form at:  Personal Protective Equipment Request Form

Some items will be delivered from CCSD Warehouse while others will be delivered directly to the school by the supplier. Confirmation of receipt may be required in order to track quantities being used. If you require assistance in determining who should be included in the PPE distribution contact the Safety Office at 702-799-6496 or and they will assist in clarifying the current standards.

N95 respirators can only be requested by utilizing the N95 Respirator request form and indicating the name of the staff members using the respirators. Designated staff members are certified to a specific brand and model of respirator. Risk Management will verify that the individual receives a new supply of the respirators they have fit tested for. The individual should always have at least two N95 respirators available, preferably four. The initial supply of respirators will be given to the staff member at the time of fit testing.

*Voluntary use of N95 or KN95 masks by staff

N95 respirators as well as KN95 respirators that a staff member purchases themselves and wears voluntarily requires the employee to complete the Appendix D Form in the CCSD Respiratory Protection Program as well as reviewing information available starting on page 18 of the Respiratory Protection Program. The supervisor must send a copy of the Appendix D form to for documentation with OSHA. Employees that choose to provide their own respirator acknowledge they are doing so voluntarily and are not receiving fit test training or certification. CCSD will not provide replacement respirators for voluntary use. If the employees job duties require the use of an N95 or KN95 mask then the employee cannot supply their own but has to comply with all provisions of the CCSD Respiratory Protection Program and receive medical certification and fit testing prior to use. Questions can be directed to the Safety Office at 702-799-6496 x5648.