School Safety

The Clark County School District (CCSD) wants to engage with the community in a discussion about how to ensure that every student and employee feels safe at school. Please note that some of our safety practices that are part of our crisis and emergency plans must remain confidential. Below is some information on the training, practices, and procedures in place to ensure school safety. We are constantly evaluating safety protocols and looking to improve.

School Search Safety Procedures

On Oct. 19, 2018, the Clark County School District announced a new safety program involving random searches of secondary students to deter weapons on campus. The program will start in November.

How to Report School Threats and Safety Concerns

The best way to ensure student and staff safety is to stop events before they happen. Anyone who has information to share can contact their school administration and/or local law enforcement agency. The CCSD Police Department operates a Tip Line that is available 24/7 at 702-799-0228 Information can also be reported through the Safe Voice app that can be install on phones, by visiting, or by calling

Students and Staff are Trained on Safety Measures and Engage in Drills

CCSD's Office of Emergency Management and School Police Department work daily with schools to ensure students and employees are prepared in case of emergency. Here's how:

  • All CCSD staff are required to view safety training videos annually. The videos cover a variety of safety-related topics.
  • Schools are required by state law to conduct and report on monthly training drills that cover specific areas that such as lockdowns.
  • CCSD schools conduct 10 safety training drills per year, including five lockdown drills. Schools also conduct three fire drills, a Shelter in Place drill and an Earthquake drill.

Clark County School District Police Department and other agencies

One of the main areas of support for our schools is the Clark County School District Police Department. CCSD PD currently has 157 officers that work in schools and on patrol to interact with students and to monitor our campuses.

Each CCSD comprehensive high school has at least one officer assigned to it. Officers are assigned to patrol regions to provide support for the other schools.

On Jan. 24, 2019, CCSD PD held a swearing-in ceremony for four new K-9 officers, who will play a pivotal role in securing school campuses. The dogs are trained to detect guns and the presence of items associated with guns.

The Clark County School District Police Department also works closely with other agencies, such as Metro, North Las Vegas and Henderson Police Departments to provide support and services to our schools. These agencies also conduct joint training exercises and constantly communicate with each other as part of the ongoing partnership of protecting our schools.

The Clark County School District also contracts with law enforcement agencies to provide patrols and support for the schools in our rural communities.

School Police training

  • CCSDPD officers participate in tactical training drills for active assailants that are aligned with CCSD procedures, as well as the Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) training.
  • CCSDPD is the only law enforcement agency in Nevada that requires ALL officers to perform active assailant movement techniques as a standard firearms proficiency test to give officers the skills to address an active assailant incident.
  • CCSDPD also participates in joint exercises and collaborates daily with the 3,000-plus peace officers who work throughout Clark County, including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


This special edition of Inside Education that aired on Vegas PBS includes focuses on the topic of school safety and features a variety of roundtable panelists representing CCSD, law enforcement and the community. Staff and students also participated by submitting video questions for the panelists.

The information in this document outlines the efforts to keep students safe as well as providing information regarding the training the CCSD police officers and staff receive annually to prepare for emergency situations.