Recruiting Agencies

CCSD is currently partnered with Foreign Cultural Exchange Consultants (FCEC) to provide slates of candidates for interview from the Philippines; however, the CCSD is seeking to partner with one or two additional partners who may provide slates of candidates from the Philippines as well as from Spanish speaking countries. Organizations wishing to partner with CCSD should email the Human Resources Division at for more information and to schedule meetings to discuss potential partnerships. CCSD will conduct a review of potential agencies and selected agencies will be required to contact one of the district’s preferred sponsors. Sponsors are responsible for the final vetting of the recruiting agency.

Organizations seeking to partner with CCSD are advised that CCSD does not pay fees or costs to services providing slates of candidates for potential hire. Recruiting agencies are required to supply in advance a full breakdown of fees that may be applicable to participate in the program along with the below vetting documents.

Hiring agencies working with CCSD must be able to provide the following information to the CCSD for consideration in the selection process. This information will also be requested by the selected sponsor:

  • Evidence that candidates will be able to license in the State of Nevada.
    • Information regarding licensure as well as transcript requirements can be found on the Nevada Department of Education website.
    • Evidence may include sample correlations between candidate transcripts and state requirements, examples of teaching licenses issued by the country of origin (or state or province where applicable) with area(s) of specialty listed that will earn license reciprocity in Nevada, or examples of J-1 candidates previously hired in the State of Nevada.
  • A detailed description of all costs and fees paid by the candidate to the hiring agency and the sponsor.
  • A detailed description of how the agency assists candidates to:
    • arrive in the United States,
    • make living arrangements,
    • budget for expenses,
    • transition to living in the United States.
  • A detailed description of how the agency assists candidates to obtain the appropriate visa and appointments to be cleared to travel to the United States.
  • A detailed explanation of how the agency supports candidates after their arrival.
  • Any additional information that may make the service provided by the hiring agency unique or different from other companies.
  • A copy of the company’s business license.
  • Three business references including one from U.S. sponsor if possible.
  • Copies of company’s marketing materials to show program is being marketed correctly.

In addition to the above, the selected sponsor may also request the following:

  • Criminal background check on owner(s) of company with translation.
  • Written confirmation that the company has no pending legal actions or bankruptcy filings.