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If you require assistance identifying the zoned school for your address, please contact
Demographics, Zoning & GIS Department at (702) 799-6430.

For Registration assistance please call (702) 799-7678.

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  • Select the magnifying glass icon to search your address or locate a school.
  • Click on the residence for zoned school information.
  • Check the various zone layer to turn on attendance boundaries.

Please note Google does not validate addresses, and new residential addresses may experience delays until Google enters them. Use the search function above for more up-to-date validated residential addresses searches. If you experience errors with the search above try just entering the address number and the first few letters of the street name.

If you are unable to locate your zoned school, please refer to the Address Troubleshooting Guide (PDF).

If you have questions regarding bus transportation, please contact Transportation Department at 702-799-8100.