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department avatarProperty & Liability Claims

Motor Vehicles

I was just involved in an accident with a CCSD vehicle, what do I do?

Does the CCSD provide any insurance when I use my personal car on CCSD business?

How do I rent a vehicle to use on CCSD business?


Is my personal computer or other equipment covered if I use it at work?

Is CCSD property covered for losses when it is in my home or my personal vehicle?

Is property leased or rented by my department covered under the CCSD Property insurance?

Our department recently purchased $20,000 worth of computers; how do we add these to the property insurance?

We had water damage from a broken pipe; what do we do?

We sustained damage to CCSD equipment during a fire; what do we do?

Accidents With Injuries

A parent is questioning who will pay the medical bills for an injury to their child which happened on school grounds or during school sponsored activity; what do we say?

A visitor falls coming into the school. What do we do?