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BER Equipment Replacement

Funds may be available to assist schools in replacing equipment that has been determined to be beyond economical repair (BER). The BER program requires the school to trade-in the old equipment; thus, the old equipment will be picked up when the replacement is delivered. The District will replace BER equipment that is a safety issue as first priority.

  • The equipment being replaced is within current standards.
  • The equipment being replaced is over $1,000.00 (requests can be aggregated)
  • The BER equipment will be traded-in/picked up by the Warehouse before or at the time of delivery of the new equipment
  • The equiment has been deemed BER by Maintenance or the appropriate repair personnel
  • Documentation of BER is provided
  • The school agrees to pay a percentage of the cost toward the new equipment if the equipment has not met its useful life because of overuse/abuse
  • The new equipment provided must be standard

The district will pay 100% of the replacement cost if the equipment has exceeded its useful life. If the equipment has not met its useful life, the school shall fund the remaining cost. Example: the useful life on most copiers is 7+ years. If the BER copier is older than 7 years, the district will replace it at no cost. If the copier is BER after 5 years the school will pay 28.5% and the district will pay 71.5%.

To request a BER replacement, please complete the Equipment Replacement Request Form and email it to the addresses in the form with the BER documentation attached.

Equipment Replacement Request Form

BER Safety Cabinet Replacement Request