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Community Information

Purchasing and Warehousing offers the D-Bay and Employee Purchase Options.


D-Bay is an on-line, electronic tool used to redistribute the District’s excess material and equipment. Excess, non-standard, and obsolete items received from schools and departments are determined to be reusable, recyclable, or waste by Warehouse personnel. Reusable items not suitable for used furniture stock are posted on D-Bay. D-Bay is accessible by going to and typing District Surplus into the search bar. Items are posted for two weeks in each of two categories, in sequence, as follows: 

1. CCSD schools,
2. Other NV school Districts

Posted items are free to schools on a first come, first serve basis. If after going through this process, an item is still available, it will be sold via a third party surplus company. If no bids are received on surplus material, the items are then made available to non-profit organizations at no cost. 

Employee Purchase Options

Employee purchases made through the Employee Purchase Plan are strictly between the employee and the appropriate company. CCSD neither endorses nor recommends any particular manufacturer or brands.