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Governance Policies

Notification of proposed changes to CCSD Board of School Trustees Governance Policies

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Current Governance Policies

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Number Title Date
B/SE-5 Board Report Vetting Sep. 09, 2021
B/SE-6 Board Report Schedule Jan. 12, 2023
B/SE-7 Board Response to Board Reports Jun. 23, 2022
B/SL-01 Global Governance - Management Connection Sep. 22, 2016
B/SL-02 Unity of Control Sep. 09, 2021
B/SL-03 Accountability of the Superintendent May. 25, 2017
B/SL-04 Delegation to the Superintendent Aug. 27, 2020
SE-01 Global Executive Assurances Aug. 27, 2020
SE-01.1 Superintendent Evaluation Criteria Jan. 12, 2023
SE-02.1 Commitment to Diversity Aug. 27, 2020
SE-03 Treatment of Students and their Families Aug. 27, 2020
SE-04 Treatment of Staff Sep. 22, 2016
SE-05 Financial Planning/Budgeting May. 25, 2017
SE-06 Financial Condition and Activities May. 25, 2017
SE-07 Emergency Superintendent Succession Sep. 22, 2016
SE-08 Asset Protection May. 25, 2017
SE-10 Communication and Support to the Board May. 25, 2017
SE-12 Annual Report to the Public: State of the Schools May. 25, 2017
E-01 Vision Statement Feb. 13, 2014