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Food Sales in Schools

The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) is in the process of making significant revisions to the food service policy for schools.  The revisions take effect in July 2019.  The revised policy will require a Food Establishment Permit for all concession stands. This permit is in addition to the current permit issued for food service operations at each site.

Concession stand sales are the primary focus; the significant changes include:

  • Prior to serving food in concession stands, a Food Establishment Permit MUST be obtained.  Schools will be required to apply for a permit to operate the concession stand by providing the proposed menu and concession stand design to ensure safe food service is possible.  The cost of this permit has not been disclosed.
  • Concession stands were built to sell prepackaged items only and are not equipped with the required equipment to prepare food for sale and distribution.  SNHD will review the proposed menu and determine if a Food Establishment Permit may be issued.
  • Violations of the menu or procedures will result in an immediate cease and desist order from the SNHD.  The type of violation will determine the fines that may be issued including a $716 closure fee.
  • Training modules are being developed collaboratively with the SNHD and will be used to train staff on the new food handling requirements.
  • Administrators will be responsible for adhering to all provisions of Regulation 5157, Student Wellness, when providing food to students.  Student stores will continue to operate under the school’s food establishment permit as long as safe food handling protocols are followed.
  • Food not prepared by the Food Service Department must be from a permitted food establishment.

Risk Assessors within the Safety Unit will visit and inspect campuses annually.  Noted violations of the SNHD policy will be communicated to the site administrator.  The Safety Unit will work directly with SNHD to develop a training guide and materials to assist the schools with safe food sales and operations.

Additional questions can be sent to or 702-799-6496 ext. 5650.

Due to SNHD policy changes, schools should suspend purchases of food, supplies, and concession stand equipment until further direction is provided.

Go here to see all updates provided by the SNHD regarding how to comply with the new food service policy.