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Sharps Containers for CCSD Locations

Each school will have a sharps container located inside the health office. In the administrative buildings the sharps containers will be located in the two main restrooms on the main floor, which are accessible to the public. If additional units are needed, the cabinet and container can be purchased from the CCSD Purchasing catalog by the site. Installation needs to be coordinated through the building manager and/or Maintenance to ensure it is properly secured.

The wall enclosure unit is a one-time purchase unless the enclosure is damaged.

Wall Enclosure Unit – Supplier Part# NS 85161H for $13.25 each

The 5 Qt. Sharps Container – Supplier Part# 90836 for $3.85 each will need to be purchased to replace the full container.  It is recommended that each site have one or two replacement containers on hand.

There is a window visible through the locking wall enclosure that will show when the sharps container is reaching maximum capacity. When the container is full, submit a pick-up request to the hazardous materials team in Environmental Services by filling out the information at this link:

They will come out and pick up the full container and replace it with an empty one. The first pick-up request may include a replacement container; however, future pick-ups will require the site to have an empty sharps container available for replacement.