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Firework Fundraisers

How Do I Get Started?

Complete the CCSD Firework Sales Fundraiser Permit and submit paperwork listed below to Risk Management, within the following timelines:

  • Note: Submit a CCSD permit form for each location. If you are conducting sales at multiple booth locations each booth has to have a separate permit form.


1. Completed and signed CCSD permit form, vendor sales agreement, insurance certificate, training certificate, list of participants, and site plan. (The sales agreement, insurance certificate and site plan will be provided to you by the vendor.)


1. Copy of the Fire Department Permit (you were given this permit at the time the booth was inspected by the Fire Department).

The Principal must ensure that all documents and training have been completed.

Submit all paperwork to Risk Management. You will receive confirmation of receipt for the completed packet once everything has been reviewed.


Helpful Facts

All groups must follow the “Approved Guidelines for Fireworks” established by the Southern Nevada Fire Chiefs Association (SNFCA), including no children under 14 years of age in the booth. This includes posting requisite items in the booth as directed by the Fire Department (and which could vary depending upon the location of the booth).

All volunteers must have training from the Fire Department (or booth representative who attended the formal training), and names should all be on the list of participants to be posted in the booth.

All fireworks booths must be inspected by the local Fire Department.

Firework Fundraiser Helpful Tips Flyer

Phantom COVID-19 Safety Procedures

TNT COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Fire Department Training Classes

Phantom Fireworks 2021 Fire Department Training Link

TNT Fireworks 2021 Fire Department Training (Vendor is sending out training link and credentials directly to participants)

Training will be held virtually this year.

*You must complete the training approved by the Fire Department to obtain your booth permit.*

Vendor Insurance Coverage

General Liability insurance coverage including bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, which must be kept in force during the entire event from set up to conclusion.

Phantom or TNT provides the insurance certificate. Clark County School District, 4828 S. Pearl Street, Las Vegas, NV 89121 must be certificate holder and additional insured. Risk Management is in direct contact with the fireworks vendors to ensure proper insurance is provided.


Call the Insurance Services Unit at 799-6496 ext. 5634 or ext. 5642.

Should you have any questions regarding the banking procedures for fireworks fundraisers, contact the District's Internal Audit Department at 799-6360.