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Regulation 3613.2

Guidelines for Filming or Recording on Clark County School District Property

Filming or recording on Clark County School District (CCSD or District) property is governed by CCSD Policy 3613 and Regulation 3613.2, which may be found online at Additionally, these documents address requests to use any District vehicle in a recording. Requestors are responsible for compliance with all provisions of CCSD policies and regulations.


After identifying potential locations, filmmakers must contact the site administrator about potential site availability and discuss the feasibility of filming on the property. If the site administrator can accommodate the filming request, the filmmaker will work with the Risk Management Department liaison to complete the necessary documents for requesting the site.  Approval is not final until the entire application process is complete. Please note: FILMING ACTIVITY IS SECONDARY TO, AND MUST NOT DISRUPT OR INTERFERE WITH ANY SCHOOL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM OR SCHOOL ACTIVITY.


After obtaining initial tentative site administrator approval, complete and submit the District Facility Use Permit (CCF-410), signed by the site administrator, as well as the attached Application to Film or Record on CCSD Property. Submit the forms to Risk Management, including all required insurance documents, and the nonrefundable check, money order, or credit card payment application fee payable to Clark County School District. These documents must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the proposed date of filming or recording. Once the School Accounting, Facility Usage Department receives all documents from Risk Management, the nonrefundable deposit will be processed. If the request is to use a District vehicle in a recording, the CCSD Transportation Department will be consulted to determine if there is a vehicle and driver available and applicable costs of use.

After the application and supporting documents are received by Risk Management, the liaison will process your CCSD Venue Release Contract and will e-mail a draft of the contract for your review including any additional questions or concerns that must be addressed prior to acceptance. You may contact the CCSD Risk Management liaison with any questions at 702-799-6496, Extension 5642. The signed CCSD Venue Release Contract must be submitted to Risk Management at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of filming or recording.


Liability insurance coverage for the party requesting to use the site, as well as the production company, must be provided on an Acord Certificate with an additional insured endorsement page. The minimum liability limit is $1,000,000 per occurrence. In addition, both the requesting party and the production company must provide evidence of workers’ compensation coverage in the State of Nevada including a waiver of subrogation endorsement. Both the additional insured endorsement for the general liability and the waiver of subrogation endorsement for workers’ compensation must be in the favor of:

Clark County School District
Risk Management Department
4828 S. Pearl Street
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Insurance Guidelines


Based on the type of activities associated with filming or recording, base camping, or crew parking, CCSD may require a Safety Department review and/or site inspection prior to granting the application.


An authorized production company representative must sign the completed CCSD Venue Release Contract as well as the Assistant Chief responsible for the school site that is hosting the filming.  Once all documents are completed and approved by Risk Management, personnel in the School Accounting, Facility Usage Department will provide an invoice of charges, based on the current fee schedule for filming on a CCSD site. See School Accounting  CCSD Facility Usage Rates sheet for applicable fees. Use of the facility will not be granted until payment is received in full.

  Your CCSD Venue Release Contract must be kept on-site at all times during the production activity.


Release and Waiver for Students and Employees - English

Release and Waiver for Students and Employees - Spanish