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Respirator Fit Program

If your work responsibilities require you to wear a respirator for specific duties, including an N95 respirator, then you will be required to be certified per the Respiratory Protection Program for CCSD. Wearing the respirator will ensure not just your personal health and safety, but that of the students we serve. Here is how the process works.

  1. You will receive an email to your District Gmail address from Dawson Compliance for access to an online medical questionnaire program called Respclearance. They will supply you with a link to the system and your user id and password. (Check your spam folder)
  2. Once notified by this CCSD endorsed company, you will need to immediately respond by following the directions given to fill out the online questionnaire.

This will be the first step in getting medically cleared so you can safely wear a respirator. This is the first requirement in the OSHA standard. Annual recertification of the medical clearance is required along with the ELMS training modules listed below. 

ALL CCSD personnel who are identified for the Respiratory Protection Program must log into the Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) for training prior to fit testing. The training modules are based on the work you will be performing while wearing the N95 mask.

  1. OSRES06500: Respiratory Protection, and
  2. OSRES00036: Putting on and taking off an N95 mask correctly (OSRES00037: SPANISH)

*Sick room staff will train individuals on the isolation/sick rooms and healthcare protocols

  1. Once you have been medically cleared and have successfully completed your ELMS training, the Safety Office will communicate to you via email with instructions on obtaining sample respirators for fit testing. If you are recertifying your ability to wear a respirator and you don't require being fitted for a different model of respirator then you are recertified as soon as you receive medical clearance and show proof of annual training.

Currently sample packets are available from the Risk Management Department, located at 4828 S. Pearl St., Las Vegas, NV 89121.  The office hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

  • Further instruction will be given at the time a sample packet is picked up, on where to go for fit testing.  The fit test process will assign you to a particular respirator that best fits your face and provides the necessary protection.
  • Supplies of N95 respirators will be available from Risk Management while all other respirators should be supplied by your site. Risk Management can assist your site supervisor in obtaining the required respirator. 
  • N95 respirators can only be requested by utilizing the N95 Respirator request form and indicating the name of the staff members using the respirators. The individual should always have at least two N95 respirators available, preferably four. 

It is imperative that this process be completed as soon as possible and prior to the expiration of your medical clearance.  Your full cooperation is required to make this possible.  If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Safety Office at 702-799-6496 x5662 or email for assistance.

Respiratory Protection Program Manual (English)

Respiratory Protection Program Manual (Spanish)

*Voluntary use of N95 or KN95 masks by staff

N95 respirators as well as KN95 respirators that a staff member wears voluntarily requires the employee to complete the Appendix D Form in the CCSD Respiratory Protection Program as well as attending the following training in the Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS). The training module will help educate staff on the appropriate, safe use of a KN95 or N95 mask.  Training should be verified as completed by the staff member's immediate supervisor and include the completion date on the bottom of the Appendix D Form. (The instructor can be listed as ELMS.)

  1. OSRES06500: Respiratory Protection

Staff should also review the Seven Steps to Correctly Wear a Respirator at Work guide:  (English) or (Spanish)

Staff may also review information available starting on page 18 of the Respiratory Protection Program if they have additional questions. The supervisor must send a copy of the completed Appendix D form to for documentation with OSHA.

Employees that choose to provide their own respirator acknowledge they are doing so voluntarily and are not wearing one as a requirement of their job duties. If the employees job duties require the use of an N95 or KN95 mask then the employee cannot supply their own. They must comply with all provisions of the CCSD Respiratory Protection Program and receive medical certification and fit testing prior to use. Questions can be directed to the Safety Office at 702-799-6496 x5662.