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department avatarSafety and Insurance Services Section

Safety Training Programs

To receive credit for completing Med Sled training, please access ELMS and search "Med Sled" under online learning courses.

Med Sled Training Video

Powerpoint Presentations

Additional Heat Stress Training

Aerial Lift Operations

Battery Safety

Bee Safety Facts

Behavior Based Safety - Part I

Behavior Based Safety - Part II

Chemical Storage

Cold Weather Precautions

Confined Space Training 1

Confined Space Training 2

Custodial Safety & Hazard Awareness

Defensive Driving Basics

Electrical Safety Training

Elements of a Safety & Health Program

Employee Wellness Training


Evacuation/Exit Plans Training

Eye Protection

Eyewash Stations

Fire Extinguisher Training

Flammable & Combustible Liquids Training

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Gas Cylinder Safety

Gas Cylinders Training

Good Safety Attitude

Guarding & Machinery Training

Hand Tool Safety and Portable Power Tool Safety

Hazard Communication

Hearing Preservation

Heat Related Illnesses - Identification, Prevention, and Treatment

Hot Work Permit  Hot Work Decision Tree

Hot Work Training 1

Hot Work Training 2

Importance of Ergonomics

Introduction to OSHA Training

Ladder Safety

Lock Out Tag Out Procedures   Test your knowledge after completion of the presentation with the Lock Out Tag Out quiz.

Near Misses - What Can They Tell Us?

Occupational Noise

Office Safety

OSHA Respiratory Standard

OSHA Top 10 Most Cited

Particulate Mask Safety

Powered Lifts Training

Protecting Employees from the Effects of Heat

Protective Footwear

Quick reference card from OSHA regarding Heat Stress

Safety & The New Year

Safety Signs & Labels Training

Slips, Trips, and Falls, Part II

Smoke Free Campus

Spray Booth Operations

Struck or Bitten by insects

Towing Safety

Waste Management

Woodshop Safety Training

Work Instruction -     Inspection Record -      Operator Evaluation

Work Surfaces Training