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SNHD Guidelines and Resources

SNHD Food Service Policy - Printable

Memo to Site Administrators from SNHD - July 15, 2019

Food Sales Policy Training Video

SNHD Presentation from September 19th Meeting

Permitting Options for Schools

Time and Temperature Contol Procedures

Sample Time Control Log

Administrators will be responsible for adhering to all provisions of Regulation 5157, Student Wellness, when providing food to students.  Student stores will continue to operate under the school’s food establishment permit as long as safe food handling protocols are followed.

Direct Link to SNHD site (The printable version of the policy is subject to change at anytime. Please use the SNHD link to verify you have the current policy)

On Campus Food Sales from Outside Food Facilities

Food prepared by outside food facilities (e.g. Samurai Sams, Subway, Canes, etc.), sold during the school day may not need a permit from SNHD. Effective July 1, 2019, no permit will be needed for the sales of this food if time is used to protect the public health. The school will need to follow steps to ensure that any food delivered, not sold within four hours from the time the food left the outside facility, will be destroyed. The school administrator will need to keep the written procedure on site for SNHD to review during their routine inspections. SNHD will provide a basic template to CCSD for this procedure. This template will contain all the elements to use time as a public health control but may need to be modified to meet the needs of the school.

Permits will still be required for student stores if foods that need to be held under refrigeration for public health reasons are being sold from them (ice cream, pizza, etc.).

Concession Stands

A concession stand that is selling open food/drink will be required to have a health permit. To obtain a health permit:

  1. Schedule an appointment – Call (702) 759-1258 to schedule a design assessment meeting.
  2. Complete your plans package:
    1. Instructions for submission. Attach all items listed in the box.
    2. Plan Review Questionnaire completed by owner or designated representative. For use by all food categories except warehouse, dry grocery/market, vitamin/health food store, mobile vendor, bars/liquor, ice house, bottling plants, carts. For your convenience, calculators for hot water system sizing, dry storage space, and refrigerated storage space are provided to assist in completing the Questionnaire.
    3. Plan Review Application which must be signed by the owner of the establishment. A “Grant Bargain Sale Deed,” lease agreement, or other legal documents will be required to prove possession of the property.
  3. On the day of your appointment:
    1. Check in
    2. Submit completed paperwork- to include a plan of the concession stand and menu
    3. Meet with a Plan Reviewer who will also assess food safety knowledge
    4. Pay applicable fees which are approximately:
  • Low Risk Concession Stand (no potentially hazardous foods)
    1. $398 Plan Review and $94 per year permit fee
  • High Risk Concession Stand
    • $398 Plan Review and $189 per year permit fee

Examples of low risk foods would include open drinks such as soda and hot cocoa mixed per order (hot water + powder packet), packaged ice cream bars, coffee, etc. Examples of high-risk foods include hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos with chili and/or cheese, etc.

Any specific questions regarding these changes can be sent to EHSPCCSD@SNHD.ORG

Training programs to assist in compliance are currently in development. Check back in June for availability.